Mother child cure

Consultation for a cure at Mukiku for FREE

A nut/mother child cure is a medical achievement, which is covered usually 3 weeks and paid by the health insurance companies. The consultation for the cure of Mukiku is for free! You don't have to take days off for the mother-child-cure. The applicant plays the guidancebasic figure of the cure. On it the focus is arranged, because around prevention or rehablitation this person is with a nut/mother child cure. Of course also fathers can request a cure, what however the case is very rare, since for the cure by the work vacation must be taken. The children drive as patients also to the cure, if the medical indications make it necessary. You can find the legal basis for it in §§ 24, 41 SGB V.

During the cure in a sanatorium there is a treatment plan, which is cut to the indications. This covers usually psychological discussions, movement programs, and further training courses. Differences becomes between taking precautions and rehablitation measures.

Conditions and requesting

Usually each mother and each father a mother father child cure are entitled, if the medical indications are fulfilled. Requesting a circling determination:
This can be a caritative or private circling determination, as Mukiku. Mukiku select a hospital, with which usually positive empirical values are present due to the desires and indications. This hospital will become reserved and the documents the applicant dispatched.

Consultation for the preventive cure

You should apply for a preventive cure:
- to stop the weakening of your health which would probably lead to an illness,
- or the weakening of the health of your children, to provide illnesses or their change for the worse.
The consultation for a cure of Mukiku is for free!

The Mutter- Kind- Kurberatung - Friesland
exists since 1997

Our purpose:

- help parents and families for free with the formalities to get a cure

- We work supraregional. In every case we are the right people you should talk to. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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